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How Much Do Tree Loppers Cost? [Price Of Different Bran Tree Loppers]

    Loppers are manual garden tools used to prune and trim thick branches. Pruning is essential for your plants and trees, both for the health of your plants as well as for aesthetic reasons. This fact is evident from the different types of pruners available in the market.

    Some might wonder whether it matters which type of cutting tool you use in your garden. But the truth is Yes! It does matter! 

    How Much Do Tree Loppers Cost?

    Loppers are designed to help you power through thick tree branches or soft stems and make your work easier and quicker. It is vital to use the tool’s right type, size, shape, and strength, depending on the type of leaves and branches you need to cut.

    The first thing you will notice when looking at different types of loppers in the market is that they come in different sizes, designs, and of course, prices!

    Therefore, the type of loppers you choose for yourself should ideally depend on your usage, your strength, and your budget.

    You can find a good tree lopper between $20 to $180.

    We have extensively researched and compiled the different types of loppers with their approximate cost. You can choose from these loppers as per your requirement and budget:

    Cost Of Tree Loppers Based on Lopper Type

    1. Anvil Loppers

    Anvil Loppers

    The anvil loppers have one straight blade and cut like a knife.

    They are ideal for cutting dead wood or trimming back live wood before using a bypass lopper to make a clean and final cut.

    They can handle thicker branches and make a clean cut. 

    The Average Cost of Anvil loppers is around $20 to $60.

    2. Bypass Loppers

    Bypass Loppers

    The Bypass lopper is the most common garden tool. They are made of two blades that glide by each other while cutting.

    They provide a smooth and clean cut, and the plants heal faster after using them. 

    The Bypass loppers are available at an average cost of $20 to $50 depending on the length of the handles and the blade quality, among other factors.

    Cost Of Tree Loppers Based on Size to Cut Branches

    1. Small loppers

    Small loppers

    Although only a few percent of people own a full-sized garden, greenhouse, or outdoor structure.

    However, with more and more homeowners wanting to grow as much food as possible in the available area, investing in tools like tree loppers becomes crucial.

    For a budgeted pocket, one can get a decent but small lopper in the price range of $10-$30.

    These lightweight pruning tools/ Loppers are great versatile hand tools for your garden and can easily cut tree branches less than or up to 3/4”diameter size.

    Couple of recommendations: 

    1. Gartol anvil loppers are an excellent choice if you are looking for a good tool at a reasonable price. Available at around $26, this lopper is designed to withstand powerful force and is suitable for pruning fruit trees, pots, and landscaping. 
    2. You can also check out KLDOLLAR, which is available for under $20 and trims branches effortlessly. You can use it for cutting rose bushes and trimming and heavy-duty jobs. 

    2. Mid-Size Loppers

    Mid-Size Loppers

    For those with large areas of trees, shrubs, and plants, go for genuine quality, stand-out products available online.

    Tree loppers under this price range will cost anywhere between $30 -$100 and have features like a hardened steel blade, an ergonomic handle, and significant leverage. 

    Some durable, easy-to-use models in this cost range are:

    1. Fiskars power gear bypass loppers that can cut through branches up to 2″ thick. Available at around $40, it is a perfect pick for those who want value for money. 
    2. You can also check out the Tabor Tools anvil lopper, which can quickly chop thick branches. 
    3. Sanong retractable anvil lopper is a multifunctional gardening tool that is lightweight but can be used for heavy pruning work.

    3. Heavy-duty Loppers

    Heavy duty Loppers

    The most expensive tree loppers range on our list; these secateurs are used mainly by professionals’ loppers.

    Again, these pruning shears or garden shears can cut big trees in the yard (Capacity of branches up to 2″ thick) on big farms and are fit for people who want to conduct precise pruning operations or work on gardening/flowers.

    The cost range of such sophisticated tools can cost anywhere between $100-$200.

    Few Popular Heavy Duty Loppers:

    1. Kings County Tools double ratcheting anvil lopper comes with extendable handles and has a powerful cutting force that can keep your trees well-manicured.
    2. You can also check out that Kakuri Japanese bypass loppers are ideal for cutting thick branches and limbs. They are priced at around $100 and are worth the money spent.
    3. You can also go for FELCO 231 80cm curved Anvil Lopper Two-Hand Pruning Shear Lever Action that easily slices through branches up to (1.75-2.5 inches). 

    Price Of Popular Brand Tree Loppers

    1. Cost of FELCO Tree Loppers 

    FELCO Tree Loppers

    One of the most reliable brands that manufacture tree loppers for all gardeners- homeowners to professional ones. These models are used in nurseries, orchards, forestry, or hedge bushes.

    The brand offers a classic manual lopper for or basic but heavy-duty model ideal for small-handed people as it comes with short blades, these loppers are available for below $100.

    Top Models under $ 100-200. These models come with extra-long handles to give you extra leverage with a hand-fitting design and a cushion shock absorber

    Reason to buy FELCO Tree Loppers

    • The manufacturer offers good quality equipment for a fair value price.
    • Repair or replacement is easy.
    • no need to buy another pair.
    • Come with a lifetime warranty.

    2. Cost of Fiskars Tree Loppers

    Fiskars Tree Loppers

    The brand offers some best gardening trimming tools and is the most experienced one in the business. They have pruners for cutting branches, twigs, and stems up to half an inch.

    The company also has loppers with extra-long handles to prune trees, branches, and shrubs up to 2 inches in diameter.

    Reason to buy Fiskars Tree Loppers

    • Great cutting performance
    • Equipped with hardened sharp blades
    • Lifetime warranty
    • Premium quality finish

    3. Cost of Tree Loppers from TABOR TOOLS

    TABOR TOOLS Tree loppers

    your hand size and cutting diameter.

    The most economical brand among all, Tabor tool manufactures lopper models in a cost range that starts from $15 and goes up to $60.

    For small branches, you can go to TABOR TOOLS S821A Bypass Pruning Shears, and for Large Branches, TABOR TOOLS GG22A Extendable Anvil Lopper is very much suitable.

    Reason to buy Tabor Tools brand Tree Loppers:

    • Designed and built for professional-grade applications
    • Durable & affordable garden tool
    • Soft grip handle

    4. Price of Corona Tree Loppers

    Corona Tree Loppers

    Made with outstanding engineering and design, this brand has an extensive product catalog and promises to deliver products of the highest quality, utility, and craftsmanship.

    Corona loppers are suitable for trimming small (3/4 inch) to medium (1-1.5inch) to large branches (over 2 inches).

    Reason to buy Corona Tree Loppers:

    • Comes with or without telescopic handles
    • Handle material is made out of steel, wood, fiberglass, and aluminum
    • Quick and hassle-free returns
    • Limited Lifetime Warranty

    Final Words:

    The cost of tree loppers depends on their features and size, along with the specific brand. At the same time, the smaller loppers are available at an average price of around $20-$30, with superior quality blades, extendable handles, coating on the blade, and so on.

    The additional features, the higher the price! Some loppers have a hook-shaped blade for holding branches more securely while trimming. The cutting mechanism used in various loppers also affects the price.

    Tree loppers are a terrific gardening tool essential to maintaining your garden or farm. Consider the type of trees and the workable area when trimming branches.

    Some homeowners may not have ample space and may require extendable handles, while others may not require this feature. The cost of the loppers depends on the quality and features, so identify your needs before finalizing the tool.

    You can use anvil loppers if you want friction-free cutting for branches up to 1.5″ thick. If you need extra power, go for bypass loppers for precision cutting and a Ratcheting bypass lopper.

    You will have to shell out some extra money for these powerful loppers. The battery-operated ones are also costlier but exceptionally efficient.