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What is a Bow Saw Chainsaw used for? What Size is Suitable?

    If you have trees on your property or some large shrubs, you are going to need a bow saw sooner or later. While the traditional bow saw requires muscle power, a bow saw chainsaw makes the work more straightforward and quicker.

    Have you heard of a bowsaw? A bow saw is a handheld saw that is a versatile and lightweight tool used for various purposes such as pruning small to medium branches or sawing pieces of wood.

    It has a long blade with tiny teeth secured by a bow-shaped handle that gives it the name. You can easily trim wood for your fireplace too.

    However, a bow saw chainsaw is not limited to cutting firewood. You can even fell small diameter trees with a bow saw.

    A conventional bow saw is a manual cutting tool that is lightweight and quite handy. A bow saw chainsaw is powered by gas or electricity and comprises bow guide bars and bow blades.

    Let us discuss the primary uses that a Bow Saw Chainsaw can be put to. 

    What Is a Bow Saw Chainsaw Used For?

    A Bow saw chainsaw has limited uses and is popularly used in the pulpwood industry in the Southeast. It should be handled carefully as you may experience strong kickbacks. Use it only if you have the necessary skills to avoid any mishap.

    Here are a few important things where you can use a bow saw chainsaw:

    1. Harvesting pulpwood

    Harvesting pulpwood using a Bow Saw Chainsaw

    Bow saws were designed mainly for harvesting pulpwood and used for making paper.

    The paper industry needs a large amount of wood to make paper pulp.

    Many foresters earn a living by cutting pulpwood.

    They use bow type chainsaw for cutting wood as it has a bar that does not bind or pinch the cut

    2. Making Logs

    Bow Saw Chainsaw is used to Make Logs

    A Bow Saw Chainsaw cuts through the logs reasonably quickly.

    It allows you to cut through the logs lying on the ground without bending too much. You can use it for bucking small fence posts too.

    As compared to the regular bar, a bow saw chainsaw has a curvature that introduces the cutting surface at an angle to the wood.

    These chainsaws are easy to maintain, too, as they never get clogged. This is because all the debris and chips exit the clutch and sprocket by the spur, making it quicker and easier to clean.

    3. Bucking wood

    Bow Saw Chainsaw is used for Bucking wood

    A Bow saw chainsaw can be used to buck wood with a diameter as small as 4 inches.

    Bucking up wood refers to cutting a felled tree and its branches in shorter lengths as desired.

    Although this type of saw cannot be used to cut thicker or harder wood as the blade does not have enough penetration power, it can cut smaller lengths and diameters faster than a bar chainsaw.

    This makes it an ideal choice for people working in the pulpwood industry.

    4. Cross-cutting wood

    cross-cutting wood using a Bow Saw Chainsaw

    Because of its high-volume, cross-cutting capabilities, a bow saw chainsaw is the best tool to cut through the logs lying on the ground.

    It is best suited for records up to twenty-four inches below the worker’s waist in a horizontal position.

    They have high torque and low chain speed and work better with pinewood than hardwood.

    The operator can cut through the pine faster without heating the chain. 

    Size of the Bow Saw Chainsaw 

    1. Small Or Standard Size Bow Saw Chainsaw 

    A standard bow saw is ordinarily 1.5 to 3 feet long with a “C” shaped frame fitted with a blade lined with rough teeth. A bow saw chainsaw is designed to cut tree limbs with its sharp teeth that rotate around the guide bar.

    Small chainsaws are suitable for cutting logs, typically 5 inches or more.

    2. Mid-Size Bow Saw Chainsaw 

    These guide bars range from 14 inches long, for light cutting and pruning purposes, to 8-10 inches round log.

    Domestic-sized branches and tree stumps or cutting logs for firewood can be easily handled with a 14–16-inch chain saw bar, and if you opt for an electric chainsaw, you only need a 30- 55-cc engine.

    Remember that a 16-inch chainsaw bar is sufficient to fall a tree that is 14-inches in diameter if you saw systematically around the trunk of the tree. This should give you an idea about the size required for your specific needs. 

    3. Large Size Bow Saw Chainsaw

    for heavy-duty sawing jobs, professional and commercial chainsaws are used by loggers and lumberjacks that are usually priced high. 

    Gas chainsaws for the logging industry and experienced arborists. Popular brands include Husqvarna, echo, Makita, etc. A chainsaw with an 18–20-inch guide bar is usually sufficient for domestic and light use.

    It would cut through an 18″ tree log diameter. Such a chainsaw’s engine capacity should range between 55-cc to 62 ccs.

    Final Words

    A saw is a tool with a rigid blade, chain, or wire with a toothed edge. It is used to cut through materials, usually wood. A chainsaw is the fastest way to cut wood but can be dangerous if not used correctly.

    For instance, if you decide to use your bow saw chainsaw to cut something with numerous springy branches, you are bound to hurt yourself. No matter the type of saw you use, you must follow all safety protocols to avoid unwanted incidents.

    Make sure you wear thick clothes, boots, gloves, and goggles while working with a bow saw chainsaw, and don’t forget to double-check the guard on the bar.

    Once you are done cutting the wood, store the bow saw in a box or a bag in the allocated position near the workstation to prevent any trip hazard.