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How Much Is a Used Garden Tiller Worth? Where To Buy Used Garden Tillers?

    Garden tillers are a prevalent and tremendously helpful tool for home gardeners. A tiller is used to churn and loosen the soil with the help of spinning metal blades, making it easier for fertilizers and other soil amendments to penetrate the soil.

    The plants can absorb these nutrients easily and thrive.

    But, unlike mowing the lawn, tilling is not every day or a weekly task! Depending on its power and size, buying a brand-new tiller can be a hefty investment and sometimes not worth all the money spent.

    Fortunately, you have other options too- Buying a garden tiller on rent or, better still, buying a used tiller in good condition. Now the question arises, how much money do you need to spend on a used garden tiller? Well! Let’s find out!

    How Much Is a Used Garden Tiller Worth?

    Price is no doubt an essential factor, but not the only one. It would be best if you found a balance between the price and convenience.

    Do you have a big piece of land or just a tiny garden patch? How often will you use the tiller? How much is storage space available?

    It is always better to weigh all the pros and cons and make a well-informed decision. The cost of a used garden tiller depends on numerous factors.

    Factors that influence the cost of a used garden tiller

    1. Type of garden tiller

     Type of garden tiller

    There are three main types of tillers, namely,

    a. Rear Tine Tiller 

    These tillers are powerful and ideal for improving the soil on extensive lands and breaking ground on plots being tilled for the first time. The wheels pass over the soil in Rear-tine tillers before the tines do.

    b. Front-tine tillers

    These tillers are comparatively smaller and lighter than the rear-tine tillers. They are better suited for tilling smaller plots and working amendments such as compost into the soil that has already been tilled. These are comparatively cheaper than Rear-tine tillers.

    c. Cultivators

    These are used to stir and aerate the soil in your garden. They are also used to remove unwanted weeds and improve soil quality at the beginning of the growing season. Used cultivators are readily available at affordable prices both online and offline.

    2. Availability

    Availability of garden tiller

    When choosing to buy a used tiller, keep a lookout for what is available for sale and whether it matches your requirement or not.

    There are usually two sources where people check for used garden equipment. Online market places such as Craig’s List, eBay, etc.

    Local sellers include family, friends, neighbors, and neighborhood Resale shops.

    Some types are easily available at various places and are relatively low-priced due to competition. You might have to shell out more money if you are looking for a specific kind of tiller that is not readily available. 

    3. Condition

    Condition of garden tiller

    It is essential to check the tiller’s state if you are considering buying a used one. While you can buy a new tiller without giving it a second thought, a used machine has to be scrutinized. A tiller can show several signs of heavy usage and significant damage.

    These include dirty engine oil, low or burnt transmission oil, rust spots, bent or broken tines, and grinding noise from the engine, among others. The cost of the tiller depends directly on its condition.

    While it is easier to inspect in person, if you are planning to buy a used tiller online, you might have to rely on photos and the information given by the seller. In any case, never dither to ask questions.

    The problems on a used tiller may or may not be visible. These problems may be the primary reason the user is selling it in the first place. The cost depends on its condition. 

    4. Fixing the problem

    usage of garden tiller

    Buying a damaged tiller might not be an altogether bad idea.

    The problem might be easily fixed, or the seller might reduce the cost further because of the issues.

    Sometimes, the seller may offer it for free, which can prove beneficial for you. You can always get it repaired and then use it.

    5. Scratch and Dent Tillers

    Scratch and Dent Tillers

    If you are worried about the cost of new tillers but are even more concerned about the maintenance and reliability of used tillers, you can consider buying another option- scratch and dent tillers.

    How are these different from used tillers? Well! They are cosmetically damaged but are still new and mechanically sound. This may be a win-win situation for you as you get a new machine at a considerably lower price.

    Checkout mowersdirect for some incredible deals on different farm products, including tillers.

    6. Engine Size

    Engine Size of garden tiller

    One of the most prominent factors that affect the tiller price is the engine size.

    Typically, the larger the engine, the higher the price of the used tiller.

    Other engine-related factors influence the cost, such as horsepower, fuel injection, and horizontal or vertical engine mounting to the tiller’s chassis.

    7. Wheeled Drive system

    Wheeled Drive system of garden tiller

    The controls available on the tiller can considerably influence its prices- in both new and used ones.

    Various features such as power steering, hydrostatic and automatic transmission system, and automatic depth control also affect the pricing of the used tillers. 

    8. Tire Style and Size

    Tire Style and Size of garden tiller

    Even the size and style of tires can affect tiller prices.

    Tires are available in various options, such as low-tread tires on base models, all-terrain or large tires, or lug-type tires that cost more.

    All these features affect the pricing of used machines as well.

    9. Brand

    garden tiller brand

    The brand name is a predominant factor that affects the price of any product or equipment, including tillers.

    Brand names can command a much greater price even for second-hand tillers due to reliability.

    However, do remember that maintenance is often less expensive on tillers of a lesser-known brand.

    Is It Worth Buying a Used Garden Tiller?

    The size of your garden or plot of land is a fair starting point for determining whether you need a used garden tiller or not.

    Small plots of land of approximately 1500 square feet can easily be worked with a mini-tiller that can be brought for around $200 – $350.

    If you have a larger plot of land, a 5-6 horsepower tiller that costs around $500-$800 will be ideal.

    However, extensive gardens of more than 5000 square feet need a tiller with at least a 6-horsepower engine that costs around $800-$2000.

    If you find a used tiller in good working condition or needs minor repairs, you can go for it as it will be comparatively cheaper than a new one, any day.

    Moreover, keep in mind the depreciation factor too. You might find a relatively new tiller that has not been used much at an affordable price.

    Where To Buy a Used Garden Tiller?

    Once you have decided and analyzed the pros and cons of using a used garden tiller, then, the first thing you would like to do is to sit in front of your computer and do a little research!

    Don’t worry we have done the homework for you. Just check out the below-mentioned sites and buy the one that suits your needs.

    Used garden tillers can be purchased from various eCommerce sites and social media site such as Facebook Marketplace, Offerup, Craig’s list, etc.,

    We have listed some top-rated sites and their respective USPs that one should consider while shopping.

    1. Machinio

    buy used garden tiller from Machinio

    Reason for buying used garden tillers at Machinio:

    • Rotary hoe, Toro, Troy-Bilt etc.

    2. Mowers Direct

    buy used garden tiller from Mowers Direct

    Reasons to buy used garden tillers from Mowers Direct:

    • Small To Medium-Sized Garden tillers are available
    • Good buying reviews
    • Brands available -many including Mantis, Merry tiller, Earthwise


    buy used garden tiller from

    Reasons to buy used garden tillers on

    • Electric and diesel garden tillers are available
    • Reasonable prices
    • All types-rear-tine, front-tine as well as cultivators are available.


    buy used garden tiller from

    Reasons for buying garden tillers from Alibaba:

    • A variety of tillers are available.
    • Easy to contact the suppliers
    • Customized packaging is available.


    buy used garden tiller from

    Reason for buying used garden tillers at

    • Rated as a legit site, this portal is popular among buyers and sellers for all kinds of products.
    • It shows combined listing from all other sites such craigslist, amazon, ebay, offerup, leigo, etc
    • Variety of options for buyers with superb filter options to find the target product.

    6. Offerup

    Reason to buy garden tillers from Offerup:

    • Ratings for buyers and sellers are listed that making purchase deal more trusted
    • Buyer can make their own offer against seller’s offer
    • A lot of product listings

    7. Facebook marketplace

    buy used garden tiller from Facebook marketplace

    Reason for buying used garden tillers on facebook marketplace:

    • Huge marketplace
    • Simple to find local listing
    • Selling is free.

    Final Words:

    Pressure to reduce input costs for farm equipment and products has led to a surge in the market for used machinery. Assessing the condition of used tillers is relatively simple, and you can save a considerable amount of money in the deal.

    Ensure that the features you require are available on the machine. Despite a reasonable price, a device is of no use if it doesn’t meet your needs.

    Buying any equipment is an investment. If you don’t want to spend money on a new tiller, a used garden tiller is a viable option that you can consider.

    You will be ready to tend to your soil whenever the need arises with your tiller, whether new or used. It would help to consider the cost factor while buying used machinery to make the right decision.