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19 Types of Summer Flowers Plants for your Garden | Images

    Flowers have been regarded as one of the most beautiful creations of nature.  Nobody would deny it’s sheen appearance and charisma. If defined, it is a part of a plant that bears seed and consists of reproductive organs. According to Ralph Waldo Emerson, ‘The earth laughs in flowers’. Since times immemorial, it has been the center of beauty in various occasions too.

    What is a Summer Flower ?

    The flowers which have the ability to withstand the heat and high temperature, and are suitable to grow in the summer season are termed as summer flowers.

    Flowers require comparatively more care in the summer season because there are prospects of burning of plants and flowers due to extreme sunlight. It becomes hard for them to survive the temperature and balance the amount of water within the plants.

    Benefits of Summer flowers

    1. Bug and pest repellents

    Some of the summer flowers like marigold, zinnia and daisies serve as pest repellents. They have the quality to alleviate bugs which may cause adverse effects on the flowers.

    2. Enhances the beauty of the garden

    Most of the summer flowers like rose, lotus and sunflowers have an extremely gorgeous appearance. Inclusion of these flowers in the garden would add up to it’s beauty and charm. One of the most beautiful flowers of summer is tulip which is indeed endearing and adorable.

    3. Heals various diseases

    One of the vital properties of certain summer flowers includes their healing power. Diseases like cardiovascular issues, gastrointestinal disorders, and skin defects are cured through certain flowers. Rose is particularly chosen in this case as it possesses exceptional features along with its elegant appearance. Apart from this flowers like marigold are also consumed.

    4. Used for the purpose of consumption

    Sunflower, an important summer flower is used in industries for the extraction of oil from its seeds. This sunflower oil is used in the kitchen in the form of cooking oil. Not only this, it also consists of lesser calories as compared to other cooking oils. A part of lotus is also used for the preparation of pickles and is consumed. The lower part of marigold is consumed in certain parts too.

    5. Heat resistant

    Flowers like daisies are heat resistant. Involving them in one’s garden will lead to a slight balance of temperature as it has the ability to resist heat.

    6. Used for the preparation of scents and perfumes in industries

    Certain flowers have mesmerizing smell. This group includes rose and peonies and many more like these. They are used for the purpose of making scents and perfumes in the industries and are even sold at very high prices.

    7. Low maintenance

    Some of the flowers like lilies, bougainvillea, peonies, marigold and dahlias do not require extra costs for their maintenance. All they need as a requisite to their sheen and development is sunlight and water. A little bit of effort and time will help them grow to a great extent.

    19 Different types of Summer Flowers that can be grown at Home

    The summer flowers that can be possibly grown at home with or without immense care and maintenance are as follows:

    1. Rose

    rose - sunflower

    Termed as the king of flowers, rose is one of the most beautiful flowers of the garden. A symbol of love, it has got nearly 100 species. It has been regarded as one of the best summer flowers that bloom even in the scorching heat of the sun.

    Withstanding excessive heat and temperature it reflects marvelous look and smell. Though it requires extra care and attention, it has got many benefits too.

    Dimensions: The smaller size grows with an average height of 1.25 centimetres which is equal to o.5 inches and the larger size grows with an average height of 17.5 centimetres or 7 inches.

    Specialty: The specialty of rose consists of its edible feature. It is consumed by various people at some places because it is believed to have healing effects for certain diseases.

    Other specialty is that it is also used for commercial purposes for the preparation of scents and perfumes.

    For the purpose of decorations, it is the most preferred one. It is also recommended by doctors to the patients suffering from the problem of gastrointestinal disorders.


    • It heals the problems related to stomach issues and ulcer.
    • It is used in the cosmetics to enhance the beauty of one’s face.
    • It is used in the industries where it’s smell is extracted to make perfumes and scents which are sold at high prices.
    • It is one of those flowers that helps relieve stress.

    Environmental Requirements: As compared to other flowers, this requires comparatively more care and attention. Timely Providence of water will improve the soil quality and thus enhance its growth.

    2. Marigold

    marigold - sunflower

    Marigold flowers are one the most popularly grown flowers in India. If we talk about home gardening, this is most widely noticed at most of the houses. Its color varies from very light yellow to very dark orange or golden brown. The most important reason for this being common is because it doesn’t require too much of an attention or care.

    Dimensions: It takes about 8 weeks to grow and the average size is 1 inch to 1 and a half inch.

    Specialty: These possess the ability to avoid pests. Its bug repellent capability helps to keep unnecessary pests away from it.


    • It has the capability to heal various diseases.
    • It is used for the purpose of decorations in various occasions.
    • It is bug repellent.

    Environmental Requirements: It needs lot of sunlight and can survive extreme temperature and too much care is required.

    3. Hibiscus

    hibiscus - sunflower

    It is a flower that requires a large area due to its size. It has big petals and blooms completely. It needs direct sunlight and is available in red, peach, purple, and white colors.

    Dimensions: It grows for about three to seven feet tall. The deep red flowers grow to three inches to five inches.

    Specialty: It is believed to act as a benefit for human hair and decrease blood sugar levels.


    • It has the ability to enhance the hair growth and is used in various hair cosmetics.
    • Also, it can cure high blood pressure.

    Environmental Requirements: It does not require much care and attention to grow.

    4. Daisy

    daisy - sunflower

    Daisy is said to be an extremely beautiful flower with an endearing and pretty appearance. It is said to be the symbol of beauty and grows in groups.

    Dimensions: It Blooms in groups from two to three feet tall and one to two feet being the size of smaller one.

    Specialty: It resists heat and is perfect for summer. This flower too has a pest repellant ability.

    Benefits: It acts as a bug repellent.

    Environmental Requirements: Daisies require cool weather and can even grow in lesser fertile soil. They require ample moisture.

    5. Peonies

    peonies - sunflower

    Well known for their beauty and smell, peonies are one of those flowers that do not require any extra care to grow. Being a low maintenance flower, it can withstand winter and frost conditions too. It is said to have a long life and can even survive for 100 years.

    Dimensions: It grows for about 2 to 4 feet height.

    Specialty: It has the ability to withstand low temperatures.

    Benefits: Considering its exceptionally gorgeous smell, it is used for the preparation of decorations.

    Environmental Requirements: They require full sun and should be grown away from trees or shrubs.

    6. Sunflower


    As the name indicates, it is a well known grown summer flower that faces the sun. Its color is vibrant yellow and is big and noticeable in the garden.

    Dimensions: It matures in 85-100 days at about 140-175 centimeters high.

    Specialty: It withstands high temperatures. Its seeds are used in the industries for the extraction of oil to be used for cooking purposes.


    1. It is used for commercial purposes. Consisting of 38-40% oil content in its seeds, it yields cooking oil for the Indian kitchen.

    Environmental Requirements: It requires direct sunlight for its growth. Special care is required and no over watering has to be done.

    Special Precautions: Precautions regarding the quality of soil and balanced amount of water has to be taken.

    7. Tulips


    Possessing incredibly magnificent looks, tulips are available in pink, yellow, purple and black colors.

    Dimensions: It takes around 8 to 15 weeks and grows around 6 inches deep.

    Specialty: its exceptional beauty makes it special.

    Benefits: It is used for the purpose of decorations.

    Environment Required: It grows in 35 and 55 degree Fahrenheit.

    8. Dahlias


    Dahlias are shaded and colorful and available in wide varieties.

    Dimensions: these can grow from 5 to 6 feet tall.

    Specialty: It does not require much care.

    Benefits: Grows with lesser efforts, being a low maintenance flower.

    Environmental Requirements: It generally grows in the mid July with a temperature of summer in addition to the rain.

    9. Bougainvillea


    Bougainvillea is a climber and grows even at the sides of the road. Its growth rate is rapid.

    Dimensions: It can even grow more than 36 inches a year.

    Specialty: These have the ability to heal various diseases.


    1. Bougainvillea is anti inflammatory and anti viral.
    2. It also acts as an anti tumor and anti bacterial.
    3. It heals diabetes.

    Environmental Requirements: It requires well drained soil and they hate excessive moisture.

    10. Pineapple Lily

    Pineapply lily

    This belongs to the asparagus family and is used for decoration purposes.

    Dimensions: It can grow to almost 2 feet.

    Specialty: It’s appearance resembles that of a pineapple. No fertilizer is required.

    Benefits: It can enhance decoration.

    Environmental Requirements: It requires full sun. It can also bear cool location.

    11. Gloriosa  Lily

    Gloriosa lily

    Gloriosa Lily grows very rapidly and in containers too. It is a climber though has a wonderful appearance.

    Dimensions: It is 13 to 20 centimetres long usually.

    Specialty: It takes space, being a climber, grows very rapidly.


    1. The beautiful appearance of this flower can serve for the purpose of decorations.

    Environment Required: It requires nominal amount of water to grow.

    12. Petunias


    One of the most important summer flowers of the orchard, petunias have a very fast growth rate. It serves as a symbol of brightness and joy.

     Dimensions: It grows with an average height of 6 inches to 4 feet.

    Specialty: It has a rapid growth rate.


    1. It improves soil conditions and alleviates weed.
    2. It attracts butterflies and pollinators too.

    Environmental Requirements: It can grow in a moderate summer temperature.

    13. Pansies


    These are annual flowers with innumerable colors. This gives them a graceful look. They resemble a face like structure.

    Dimensions: These grow up to 2 to 4 inches in diameter.

    Specialty: It seems delicate but is sturdy in nature.

    Benefits: It possesses health benefits by healing respiratory problems and urinary issues.

    Environmental Requirements: It prefers cool weather, temperature ranging from 7 degree Celsius to 18 degrees Celsius.

    14. Lilies


    These are comparatively rarer annual flowers. Adapting the natural sunlight and heat, it grows in various colors.  

    Dimensions: It grows for about 2 to 4 feet tall.

    Specialty: Lilies are said to be the symbol of humility and devotion. It is also considered as a 30th anniversary flower.

    Benefits: It adds up to the beauty of the garden.

    Environmental Requirements: Nominal temperature or sometimes even high temperature is also tolerated by these.

    15. Daffodil


    Considered as one of the most important summer flowers, it is perennial in nature and is available in wide range of colors.

     Dimensions: The depth of the flower is 6 to 8 inches.

     Specialty: It is available in wide varieties of colors.

    Benefits: It is a medicinal plant that can treat wounds and joint pain.

    Environmental Requirements: They grow in summers even in high temperatures.

    16. Zinnia


    It has got easy plantation and can be grown by even beginners.

    Dimensions: It can grow to even 3 feet tall.

    Specialty: It can withstand high temperature.


    1. It is a bug repellent.
    2. It attracts pollinators and butterflies.

    Environmental Requirements: Not too much care is required for its growth.

    17. Jasmine


    Well known flower especially for its strong smell, it is used for the purposes of decorations.

    Dimensions: It can grow up to a height of 10 to 15 feet.

    Specialty: It can withstand extreme heat and can be grown on fences and walls.

    Benefits: It is used in the manufacture of scents due to its strong smell. Also, used in many celebrations and occasions.

    Environmental Requirements: Temperature between 60 to 75 degrees Fahrenheit is required.

    18. Gazania


    Also termed as “treasure flower”, Gazania is a flower that does not require high maintenance. It grows in full sunlight.

    Dimensions: It grows to about 4-6 inches.

    Specialty: It possesses beauty and grace and can be grown in early summer.


    1. These are heat and drought resistant flowers.
    2. Available in wide range of colors like white, red and yellow, these can be used for the purpose of decorations.

    Environmental Requirements: Slightly moderate temperature and well drained soil is required.

    19. Begonia


    This tropical flower grows in wide varieties. It needs sunlight and has the ability to survive warm climate.

    Dimensions: It generally grows to about 3 inches in diameter.

    Specialty: It releases oxalic acid and is an ornamental plant.


    1. It can be planted in small pots.
    2. It survives even warm climate.

    Environmental Requirements: The temperature should be high.