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Home Gardening | Your Contribution to Save Environment

    Gardening has been one of the most popular leisure of people. It refers to an act of plantation of various saplings of homogeneous or heterogeneous nature in a particular area followed with a regular providence of the bare means of its subsistence which consists of sunlight and water.

    It comes under the category of one of those hobbies that contributes towards the benefit of society and of course a great favor to mankind. Considering their interest people have now commenced performing it at their own houses.

    Home gardening has been recognized as one of the most chosen form of gardening. All one requires is a small area in or outside the house suitable for the purpose.

    Suitability, here, implies the existence of ample amount of sunlight and a proper drainage system for the water supplied. Immense care and love is what new saplings crave for.

    The number and varieties depend upon the area and pocket of a person. However, home gardening is no big deal for a person with a mediocre income and a basic furnished house.

    One does not necessarily need to be well off for performing this. Gardening can also be done by planting few plants in certain containers. A large lavish backyard is not always a requisite.

    Planting saplings will increase the amount of oxygen into the atmosphere which is reduced to a great extent on account of global warming and pollution. Atmosphere of the house and the areas surrounding it will undergo purification due to the existence of plants.

    Facts state that people living in the house that consist of an orchard are likely to fall less sick as compared to those who does not have one. Living in an area consisting of a garden or trees around has innumerable health benefits too.

    The atmosphere itself is purified to such an extent that it carries within it the ability to heal various diseases. Fresh air contributes a lot in healing the problems of bronchial disorders.

    It is also believed that, spending few hours of everyday, preferably morning, in our day to day lives can contribute a lot to our health. This leads to inhalation of fresh air which has become rare these days.

    In the deteriorating world of social concerns like global warming, excessive pollution and population, deforestation due to enhancement of infrastructure, home gardening can contribute a lot to the globe.

    To our great disappointment, mankind has already contributed a lot towards the deterioration of the planet. Not to a very great extent but each individual contribution of planting at least 2 to 3 saplings would be of great help.

    Home gardening possesses various benefits too. The agriculture of food products at home would save costs of people. They won’t be required to purchase the prospective commodities from the grocery store. Therefore, it is economical too.

    The most  essential benefit one can receive as a consequence of home gardening is the quality food. In the world of pesticides and fertilizers mixed inorganic foods, one has complete control on such chemicals.

    Fruits and vegetables can be made use of when they are absolutely ripened instead of compelling them to grow at an early age by adding chemicals. It is rightly said that, ‘we are what we eat’. Home gardening contributes to health by alleviating various side affects of the unhealthy chemical based market products.

    Not only this, in case the plantations have been done in plenty, it can even yield income to the person. The varieties of flowers and fruits and vegetables sown may also be used for the purpose of sale. This may lead to a source of income that would serve as a monetary favor for the person in a nominal investment.

    Home gardening helps provide  nutrition necessary for invigorating energy within oneself. Such home foods contains folate and antioxidants.

    They are rich in Vitamin A and Vitamin C. Along with this, it boosts the immune system of a person. Spending some time in sunlight in the home orchard helps human body to absorb vitamin D from sunlight.

    Benefits of Home Gardening

    As specified above home gardening has the ability to possess uncountable benefits for human. Some of these merits are listed below.

    Benefits to the society

    The contribution of home gardening towards the society are as follows:

    Cleaner environment:

    It is no wonder that the areas surrounded by trees and plants would contribute a lot to a healthier environment. It purifies air, enhances it’s quality and  the risk of various diseases.

    Healthier life:

    Purified environment will obviously lead to a healthier life. Various diseases including bronchitis and other lungs issues can be reduced by spending time in a comparatively cleaner environment. Fresh air is something nobody would deny to inhale.

    Social Interactions:

    Setting up an orchard in societies and home can help people of the neighborhood lend a helping hand which leads to social Interactions among two or more people. It inculcates a spirit of vigor and teamwork within people.

    Garden waste:

    The garden waste of the home orchard can be decomposed very easily because it is free from inexhaustible chemicals and pesticides. The process of decomposition of such wastes will have no adverse effect on the quality of the land of the respective area and requires no cost or a very nominal cost. Such wastes are a part of biodegradable wastes.

    Benefits to Yourself

    The most benefited from home gardening is the individual himself. Some of the benefits to individuals undertaking this are as follows:

    Helps loose calories:

    Gardening  involves the entire body into it. It serves as a workout and if a part of everyday is spent in this, it would help lose many calories as much as one can lose with the help of exercises.

    Inculcates a good habit within one self :

    The time which could have been used elsewhere in any unnecessary activities is contributed in gardening which is a healthy work. Pursuing such healthy habit on a regular basis will help inculcate a positive habit in one’s life.

    Organic food:

    What could be better than this merit! The quality of food is taken into consideration in home gardening. We are saved from consuming the unhealthy products of the market which includes huge amounts of chemicals within it. This leads to a healthy body and mind.

    Enhances the beauty of the House:

    Varieties of flowers and fruits contribute to the decoration of the house. It increases the gorgeousness of the house and enhances the quality of ambiance. Flowers have been used for the purpose of decoration since time immemorial. Flowers posses ability to enhance the pulchritude of the house.

    Relieves stress:

    Gardening has the ability to help oneself relieve stress. Stress has become a common issue concerning innumerable people in their swamped day to day lives. Stress increases the prospects of cardio issues, angina pectoris, depression, anxiety, headache and various other problems like these. Through gardening these can be reduced to a certain extent.

    Builds Immune system:

    The intake of different Vitamins like vitamin C, vitamin D and Vitamin A, calcium and folate helps in the nourishment of human mind and body. The immune system becomes strong on account of the inhalation of fresh oxygen that plants exhibits.

    Heals various diseases:

    Engaging oneself in the work of  home gardening helps reduce the danger of various lungs and heart diseases like angina pectoris, asthma and myocardial ischemia etc.

    Healthy body and mind:

    In a healthy body resides a healthy mind. The quality of food consumed play a significant role in the overall internal development of human mind and body. It enhances a person’s concentration and learning capacities.

    Benefits to the Universe – Your contribution to Save Environment

    The biggest contribution is towards the globe which are the following:

    Reduces Global warming:

    Global warming is a situation as a result of climate change caused due to deforestation and infrastructural development, pollution and use of various gadgets that release chlorofluorocarbons such as aerosol spray, air conditioners and refrigerators.

    This leads to an increased temperature of the globe which is causing glacier melt in the Antarctic region. One of the most vital concerns of the globe includes global warming and necessary actions have to be taken in order to alleviate it. The easiest remedy to this problem is planting of trees.

    More number of trees will help balance the temperature by releasing more amount of oxygen. As a consequence if gardening is performed by people, there will be an increase in the number of trees which in turn will reduce the issue of global warming to some extent.

    Healthier Environment:

    Increase in the number of trees will not only help a single individual but the society as a whole. Even today people living in the areas surrounded by trees and mini gardens and forests tend to be healthier than those living in urban industrial area.

    Resources for future generations:

    With the increasing population day by day, it would be quiet difficult for the future generations to make use of the resources which are scarce in nature and not enough to satisfy the demands of each individual.

    The plantation of plants now, will take the form of trees in the future which will serve as a merit for the future generations providing them with necessary and healthy and nutritious food products

    Shade to the needy:

    Trees, till the very end of their living existence, lend to people. Apart from the necessary food products, they contribute towards the development of a healthy ecosystem. The trespassers find home under a dense tree, the shade serves as a boon in the hot summer days of scorching sunlight.

    A source of nourishment for the human body and mind, fresh foods and a long life is what everyone desires but not everyone is destined to these benefits. It is rightly said that ‘ as you sow so shall you reap.’

    This proverb fits exactly in this case. People who undertake the efforts and obligations of planting saplings deserve the advantages produced by those.

    Therefore, such people are actually destined to a healthy lifestyle. Consumption of salubrious food not only invigorates energy and spirit within them but also imparts vigor. This helps improve the psychological condition of people.

    Consumption of organic food gives energy and builds tissue of the body. Especially, in the case of young kids under the age of 10, food lacking chemicals is something to be given consideration to.

    It is high time drastic measures have been adopted  towards the sustainability of mankind, especially our future generations. Home gardening, though nominal, can contribute a lot in the development of the degrading atmosphere of the globe.

    In the world of swamped lifestyle and concerns regarding monetary benefits, most of the time spent in enhancing the financial plight of oneself, human has forgot the pertinence of a healthy living.

    The ecosystem has already been harmed to a great extent and there are still people who do not give a damn about this fact  and are more in number than those who do.


    Gardening, if characterized, has got innumerable positive impacts on human life. In the busy world, it is really significant to spend a few hours or minutes of the day at such a place.

    Not only external health benefits, it also has the ability to build optimism in one’s life. It possesses the ability to build the emotional state of people too.

    Therefore, from the moment itself everybody should take efforts to undertake the work of home gardening which is indeed worth people’s time and attention. In a very nominal investment it will yield uncountable blessings to the mankind.