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Grow Lights with Timer [Top 5 Grow Lights with built-in Timer]

    For ages, indoor gardening has been on the trending list. It allows people to nurture numerous plants at home and grow them using proper nurture. This type of indoor gardening is popular among people because it simply requires very little space and nothing extravagant.

    Despite the necessity of a small space, one has to take proper care of the indoor plants making them grow taller. We all know that plants make their food on their own using water and lights.

    Indoor gardening plants have limited exposure to sunlight that sometimes affects their health. A specific wavelength of sunlight helps the plant to make food for them.

    Due to weather changes, this particular wavelength of sunlight does not come to indoor plants. In this case, grow lights handle the situation well and provide an emulation of sunlight with all the necessary wavelengths.

    If one uses this light for indoor gardening, there will be no problem for indoor gardening of the plants.

    In recent years, grow light with a built-in timer has become immensely popular. They are the most efficient as one does not have to manage them manually.

    As per the time setting, grow lights can radiate sunlight emulation to the plants according to their requirement to help them produce food for themselves. So, to get more information regarding this concept, you need to go through this writing.

    Why do you need a timer built-in to grow lights?

    In today’s era, people cannot give all their time to indoor plants to make them grow properly and understand their requirements.

    So the grow light with a built-in timer becomes very important to the gardener who has an indoor Garden. Several companies produce top-notch products with various features.

    But there are numerous reasons why a plant lover should consider buying a grow light along with a timer, which is as follows.

    1. The timer offers exact information about LED grow lights

    Buying LED grow lights with a built-in timer is worth the money. It is a valuable investment, as the timer says accurate information about how long the lights are in use.

    Most of the LED light comes with a specific amount of wattage. So, a timer with the LED light enables the users to understand the light’s longevity and power consumption.

    While buying a LED grow light with a built-in timer, it is necessary to see whether there is any scope of getting damaged or not because it can be transferred from one place to another to get full coverage.

    Most of the LED light models come with an automatic on and off feature. In this way, one can easily set a timer for the light radiation as per the requirement of the plant they are growing.

    2. The right amount of light provides the correct nourishment to the plant

    With radiating proper light in the correct wavelength during a stipulated period, the grow light with a built-in timer helps the plant grow faster.

    These products with inbuilt timers allow the user to set a time no one is around the plants. Multiple settings help to set the mode as per the light and dark hours.

    Since indoor gardening, sunlight is not always available, the right amount of red light spectrum is necessary for the plants to germinate and grow further.

    The timer also helps the user to switch between modes as per the requirement. Now the benefits for the grow lights with inbuilt time are as follows.

    • Eliminate manual operations of the traditional timer, and work automatically.
    • Digital timer manages the light and dark mode as per the requirement of the plants.
    • A good LED grows light with a built-in timer gives good coverage to the plants, even in a small space.

    3. Time makes the grow light setup more prominent

    Grow light with timers helps to regulate the artificial sunlight exposure to the indoor plants. Gone are those days when you need to be with your plants throughout the day to give them healthy growth.

    After setting a timer to the grow light, one can leave home without thinking about the health of their indoor plants.

    Digital and mechanical timers are two models that help the users to utilize the benefits of grow light as per the demand of the plants.

    4. A timer enhances the life of the growing plants

    By providing proper grow light with a timer throughout day and night helps the plants to grow faster. Besides, below are some reasons why a grow light with a built-in timer is the best thing to buy.

    • Easy to understand user interface
    • Lots of manual and automatic timer setting features
    • User-friendly in every aspect
    • Easy to handle programming and digital timer

    Top 5 grow lights with built-in times.

    Below we have described the best 5 grow lights with built-in timers according to price, value for money, and other significant features.

    1. Relassy 75W LED Grow Light for Indoor Plants  

    This 75 watt grow light by Relassy is one of the ideal purchases for your indoor plants. It is valuable, convenient, and you can set the time to 3, 6, 12 hours as per the requirement of the plants.

    Featured with an inbuilt auto on and off function, you do not need to worry about plant withering when you are away from home. The light automatically restarts the next day without any manual operation.

    This light incorporates three switch modes and ten brightness levels starting from 10% to 100%. All you need to do is press the plus button to increase the brightness and the minus button to decrease it.

    You might also select one, two, or three switching modes as per your preference. You can replace the bulbs also.

    Apart from the above features, it also has a sturdy clip, helping the light adjust, and you can clamp on anywhere. The three bendable gooseneck assists you in moving the light to any position.

    On top of all, it does not release toxic wavelengths as it can give a full spectrum from 380 up to 800mm. Due to this, a plant can consume all the lights it wants and grow better.

    This built in timer that comes with this grow light has timer on/off options for varied durations – 3 hours, 6 hours and 12 hours.


    • Increased lighting area
    • Adjustable lighting intensity or brightness
    • Lighting many plants at the same time
    • Adjustable to any position
    • Energy conservation and eco-friendly
    • Restarts manual operation
    • Do not get hot on continuous usage
    • Timer on/off options for 3 hours, 6 hours and 12 hours


    • This light only runs for 12 hours in a single day
    • It is not waterproof

    2. LED Grow Light for Indoor Plants by UPODA (Best Price)

    Do you have a hydroponic greenhouse in your abode? Do you have succulents, seedlings, and other vegetable plants?

    If yes, then this grows light from the renowned company UPODA ensures that the plants can receive the appropriate lighting wavelengths according to their necessity.

    It is the most preferred grow light with the best price as it emits less heat than its counterparts and has a bright light and high luminous efficiency.

    The company manufactures it with the latest technology, which prevents it from overheating and protects it from overvoltage. As a result of this, it consumes less power and lasts for longer.

    Featured with a multifunctional switch, this grow light is versatile to use. It has three head divide control and five dimmable levels and can cover a larger area with its wide linear light design.

    As a result of this, your plants will get the needed energy with no hindrance. Besides, the manageable gooseneck assists you in adjusting the light in a required position. Be it going on a vacation or forget to turn off the light, helpful for both.

    It has a circular memory timer system that requires no manual action and automatically turns on and off by providing the needed light to the plants. Lastly, it has a USB connector that makes it suitable for connecting anywhere.


    • Simple operation with 3, 6, and 12 light settings
    • Auto on and off feature
    • Easy to install, and a simple USB connecting facility
    • 360-degree rotatable Goosenecks offers the adjustability to any direction
    • The powerful clip provides a robust grip
    • Need less power and overheating protected


    • The price of this grow light is high.
    • It is not durable.

    3. 27W Grow Light by Moer Sky

    The grow light from Moer Sky supports dimming mode, and one can easily control the light brightness with its five brightness levels. It has 54 LEDs which also includes 36 red and 18 blue bulbs.

    This is the only light in this list that includes the highest number of red and blue lights. This red and blue light is exceptionally significant for plant growth, flowering and energy creation.

    Additionally, this plant light has three spectrum modes to meet the requirements of the plants.

    The blue spectrum increases plant germination, the red one improves plant flowering and fruit. But the amalgamation of both red and blue spectrums offers a healthy growth of plants. 

    Additionally, this plant light has three spectrum modes to meet the light requirement of the plants.

    While the blue spectrum increases plant germination, the red one improves plant flowering and fruit. But the amalgamation of both red and blue spectrums offers a healthy growth of plants.

    Like other grow lights, it also has a strong clip and gooseneck. You can rotate the Gooseneck 360-degree, as it will help you adjust the device from different angles to provide the plants with enough light.

    Besides, the clip is made of high-quality material to ensure that it allows a firm grip. You can fix it at most three inches on any surface.  


    • The built-in timer has cycle memory with 3H, 6H, and 12H modes
    • You can adjust the light brightness to 5 levels with an intelligent switch
    • The three spectrum modes offer better plant growth
    • Automatically restarts on an upcoming day
    • It is a 27W light which requires less power
    • The light is waterproof, and you can water the plants without removing the light


    • · It is not sturdy

    4. ACKE 600T LED Grow Light

    It is the most fashionable grow light with a built-in timer manufactured by ACKE. This built-in timer light is easy to set up, and it does not require any match with an external timer to radiate light according to the need.

    The light comes in broad-spectrum light such as red, blue, and warm white. All of the wavelengths are necessary for the proper growth of the plants.

    That is why this light is a champion in the market, because of its ability to emit exact light and wavelengths. 

    The grow light offers optimal balance and PAR or Photosynthetically Active Radiation. It has a wavelength of light between 400 nm and 700 nm to ensure the plants can absorb enough light for their photosynthesis.

    Besides, the creative optical lens design allows uniform light distribution to provide maximum lighting.

    On top of all, this plant light is energy efficient as well. It only needs 100 wattages of consumption to cover 2 feet by 2 feet height distance. Furthermore, it has a robust fan cooling system for even heat distribution.


    • You can install it without any support
    • It consumes less energy
    • The timer is easy to operate
    • The spectrum lights help the plants in accelerating their growth at all stages of cultivation
    • The PAR light distribution system offers a better photosynthesis process
    • It provides hassle-free maintenance


    • Sometimes deletes the timer setting when restarting
    • The light will not turn on automatically in case of a power malfunction

    5. 36W Full Spectrum Grow Light by Duomishu

    Pioneered by Duomishu, this grow light with a built-in timer, and 360-degree turn allows it to provide full coverage to all the plants. Eight dimmable levels come with the light to help the gardener choose from.

    It is an example of cheap onboard LED lights and is one of the best value for money grow lights with a built-in timer.

    The uniform illumination of light, low power usages, and no heat formula make it one of the most demanding products in the market. The radiation of this particular grow light helps the plants to germinate.

    It has 4, 8, and 12 hours of circular memory timing capacity. You just set it up once, and it will automatically turn on and off regularly.

    Free your hands and enjoy your work or vacation with this device. Besides, the sturdy clamp allows the light to hold firmly in its needed position.

    Featured with three controllable light heads enable you to optimize the light to help the plants grow quicker and healthier.


    • You can set it up easily
    • Solid build quality and energy-efficient
    • It has an intelligent lighting mode
    • It provides eight brightness levels and three controllable light heads
    • It is perfect for all stages of a plant


    • The light does not cover a larger area effectively
    • A bit of expensive than its counterparts

    Guide to select the best grow lights with a built-in timer

    So now, as you can understand the importance of grow lights, you might be wondering if you should purchase them, right? But while buying, do you know the vital deciding factors of a grow light?

    Grow light includes several aspects as it provides the required luminosity for faster plant growth and protects it from many diseases and insects. That is why we have penned down below the three most valuable factors to select grow lights with time.

    1. Automatic timer

    A grow light must have a built-in automatic timer to turn on and off the cycle by itself without any manual input. It will help you care for your plants even when you are on holiday or away from home.

    2. Energy-saving & high power

    You will need a plant light that consumes less energy but has a high output, right? So, the light must be eco-saving and should also deliver bright light. In that case, LED bulbs are highly energy-saving when purchasing a grow light.

    There are also several plant lights with adjustable brightness. But some products include the latest technology called COB LED or Chip on Board LED. It is the brightest form of LED with greater efficiency and less power consumption.

    3. Multipurpose

    You must purchase a grow light with a built-in timer suitable for many potted plants, succulents, foliage plants, flowering plants, and seedlings. Besides, check out whether you can use it for both indoor and outdoor use.

    Comparison of above listed Grow lights with Timer

    Grow LightWattageBrightness LevelSpectrum RangeTimerDurability
    RELASSY75 Watt10 Brightness settings380 to 800 nanometer of spectrum rangeTimed to 3, 6, 12 hoursDurable
    UPODA10 Watt5 Brightness settings400 to 840nanometer of spectrum rangeTimed to 3, 6, 12 hoursNot durable
    MOER SKY200 Watt5 Brightness settings Timed to 3, 6, 12 hoursNot durable
    ACKE27 Watt5 Brightness settings400 to 700 nanometer of spectrum rangeTimed up to 24 hoursDurable
    DUOMISHU36 Watt8 Brightness settings Timed to 4, 8, 12 hoursDurable

    Final Words

    In the end, we can say after the detailed discussion, grow light is a fantastic choice for growing plants inside the home or any place where sunlight is not available in natural ways. These lights do not radiate harmful emissions to the plants and also do not dig a hole in your pocket.

    Understanding the mechanism and the way these lights work does not require any degree. So, one can easily use this light to maintain the health of the green friend inside their abode. While purchasing this kind of light, one needs to understand reviews and facts of the same.

    As per the requirement of the garden also, one should choose the light variety. Gone are those days when one has to babysit the indoor plants by being with them all the time. Now your indoor plants can grow well on their own, but you can help them by installing LED grow light with a built-in timer!