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Growing Peppers Indoors [Top 3 Grow Lights for Peppers]

    Is it possible for anyone to grow peppers inside a room? The answer to this is yes, definitely you can! If you are interested in growing pepper plants from seeds indoors, you will need a grow light to kick start the seeds to form the sprouts.

    Grow light is one of the best investments for those gardeners who are eager to grow pepper indoors.

    Peppers are full sun and high light plants, which means they need a minimum of 7 to 8 hours of sunlight every day.

    But now the real question is if you are growing pepper indoors, how much and what type of artificial light will they need?

    To know the answer to various questions related to growing light for harvesting peppers indoors, go through this article below. So with no further delay, let us begin!

    How much light do indoor peppers need?

    As mentioned above, pepper plants need more than 7 hours of direct sunlight every day to thrive and remain alive.

    However, this amount of sunlight is not enough for the plant to produce fruit. For that, you will need at least 16 hours of sunlight every day.

    You can give them as much natural light as possible and then keep them for the remaining hours under the grow light.

    However, pepper plants can also breed under a grow light on full-time lighting. You can put a timer on the lights, so you do not have to remember to turn them on and off.

    Can you grow peppers with a grow light?

    Peppers are a type of fruiting plant. However, fruiting and heavy flowering plants like pepper need colored lights when they are entering their flowering phase.

    Red and yellow lights are necessary for the formation of flowers for red and yellow bell peppers.

    According to a study, it is observed that peppers nurture the highest number of flowers when most of them receive almost 95% of red light.

    Thus you will need a grow light with a high red spectrum. You can also implant blue spectrum grow light for good vegetative growth.

    So, if you are interested in growing peppers indoors, grow, or artificial lights are mandatory for their rapid growth.

    What kind of light do you need to grow peppers indoors?

    To grow peppers indoors, you will need the following type of light.

    1. Fluorescent Grow Light

    T5 and the compact Fluorescent Light or CFL are the two most popular fluorescent grow lights available in the market.

    CFL is a compact, twisty and distinct light and is one of the best cost-efficient alternatives if you are just a beginner.

    On the other hand, T5 are vertical tubes that are parallel to one another. These tubes are usually available in 2 and 4 feet of height.

    2. LED Grow Lights

    LED or Light Emitting diode is another famous light for growing peppers. It is free of mercury and energy-efficient as they create more light in comparison to fluorescent ones with the same amount of electricity.

    The light comes with a longer lifespan and needs low maintenance.

    3. HID or High-Intensity Discharge Grow Lights

    HID or High Intensity Grow Lights are the most advanced and expensive option when it is a question of growing peppers plants indoors.

    The light discharged by these lights is exceptionally high and includes double efficiency than the fluorescent lights. There are two varieties of HID lights which are:

    4. HPS or High-Pressure Sodium Lights

    HPS creates a late afternoon or early morning heat that delivers a more yellow, orange, and red spectrum. It is very efficient for helping flowers and fruits of pepper plants to bloom.

    5. MH or Metal Halide

    MH grow light emits mid-day scorching daylight that assists the pepper plants in nurturing their leaves.

    How long to leave grow lights on for Peppers?

    It is common among gardeners to place the pepper seedlings near the sunny windowsill for natural light absorption.

    However, this might seem enough for other plants, but this is not perfect for pepper. Since only natural sunlight is not enough for the growth of the young seedlings, they will need to grow lights.

    It is due to natural sunlight from the windowsill, helping the plant grow. But it will make them leggy and tall.

    Usually, it is always colder near the windowsill, making the plant weak and lowers the pepper yield in the future.

    Thus, to prevent this, you have to use grow lights for at least 12 hours every day while harvesting peppers indoors. You can keep it on for a maximum of 16 to 18 hours duration for rapid seedling growth.

    How far should grow lights be from Pepper plants?

    Generally, place the grow lights 2 to 4 inches away from the top of the plant. Place the LED grow lights at least 24 to 36 inches higher above the plant canopy.

    However, this is dependent on the power or wattage of the light sources. Thus the distance of the grow lights from the pepper plant is dependent on the type you will use.

    The incandescent bulb grows lights should be placed at least at a distance of 24 inches over the pepper plants.

    Fluorescent grow lights include a lower heat signature and need to be placed 6 to 12 inches over the pepper plant.

    Keep managing the grow light placement as the pepper plants mature and develop for maintaining a proper distance. So consult the specific type and model of the grow light for exact directions and specifications.

    What wattage grows light suitable for Peppers?

    One of the simplest ways to set up an artificial grow light for growing peppers inside your house is to remember a thumb rule.

    You will need 40 watts of grow lights for every square foot of the area for high-light demanding plants like pepper.

    For example, if you have a 4inchesX4 inches square foot area, you will require 600 watts of grow lights for harvesting high-yielding plants like pepper.

    Thus, the larger area you want to cultivate indoors, the more complex and costly the entire process will be.

    Top 3 Grow lights for Peppers

    There are numerous varieties of grow lights for peppers available in the market. However, we have selected the below three grow lighting products based on the slim designs, cool running temperature, and low maintenance.

    1. VIPARSPECTRA P1000 Full Spectrum LED Grow Light

    If you are looking for a grow light with a budget-friendly option, Viparspectra includes outstanding efficiency and output at a fair price.

    The product is nearly less than 100 Dollars in price and is one of the best deals in the LED world.

    It has adopted the most advanced technology of SMD LED to deliver high energy efficiency, longer lifespan, and high PAR output while enhancing the penetration of the light.

    The grow light contains 5000k and 3000K white light, and 660 m of the red light spectrum, providing the required light to the peppers.

    This light helps you to deliver a higher yield at a lower cost. It is perfect for growing pepper plants at 18 inches in a coverage area of 2.5’X2.5’.

    But you have to manage the brightness and height of the grow lights as per the desired level of the peppers plants for their optimal growth.

    There is also an additional dimmer knob present to control the brightness level, allowing the flexibility for obtaining ideal growth performance in every growing phase.

    The fans running behind Viparspectra are silent and make no noise at all. The solid in-built aluminum heat sinks allow heat dissipation to ensure a longer duration of the grow lights.

    Key Features

    • Include IR light
    • Fan operates silently
    • Optimal Full spectrum
    • Come with a dimmable function
    • Intense PAR value
    • Resistant to water
    • Solid and sturdy construction
    • Highly flexible

    2. HLG 4000K 100 V2 Horticulture Lighting

    It is one of the best lights offering the best value for money and delivers maximum efficiency for growing peppers inside the abode.

    The grow light consists of a quantum board with 192 pieces of Samsung LED lights.

    The total power consumption of this product is only 95 watts. You can set this light up for flowering of up to 2’X2’ and cloning within 3’x3’ space.

    HLG 4000K produces almost more than 15000 Lumens, equal to 200-watt metal halide or 3000 watt CFL.

    The grow light is one of the best alternatives from the light output perspective and high quality compared to other prices.

    But we would recommend using the 3000K LED version for a better harvest of pepper indoors. Alternatively, you have to set up a red supplemental light during the flowering stages.

    You can tune this slim and quiet LED grow light to create a highly usable light spectrum. It is perfect for longer terms and performs up to 50000 hours of runtime.

    Best Features

    • Composed of Samsung LED lights
    • Ideal for 2’X2’ space in the flowering stage
    • Creates over 15000 Lumens
    • 50000 hours runtime

    3. Shengsite 75W Grow Lights for Peppers

    Shengsite 75 watt is one of the best space-saving alternatives for people with a small area and is interested in growing peppers indoors.

    These products implement the LED lights to use the blue and red spectrum, promoting sturdy, faster-growing, and healthy plants.

    It also consists of a 60-degree condenser cup that is advantageous in circumstances where the plants will need additional light in cold weather.

    It contains 250 pieces of LED beads which make it exceptionally energy-efficient, reduces the electricity bill, and emits a lot of energy and heat.

    This product is composed of high standard ABS cover and aviation material for achieving exceptional heat dissipation. Since the model is exceptionally lightweight, you can use it with the help of hanging brackets.

    High-quality construction and outstanding components make this indoor lamp one of the best products for growing peppers indoors. It comes with a lifespan of up to 50000 hours, includes higher luminous efficiency, and consumes low power.

    Key Features

    • Include blue and red spectrum
    • 2.1 lbs of weight
    • 75 watt of power consumption
    • 300 mA of current consumption
    • Contain hanging kits and a power cord

    Guide to Select the Best Grow Lists for Peppers

    While selecting the best grow light, you have to keep the following factors in mind before making an ultimate decision.

    1. Color Temperature

    Color temperature is responsible for the light that appears from the grow light present in the visual spectrum. It is usually measured in Kelvin and ranges from 3000 to 6500K.

    But the lower the number, the redder shifted the light will appear. Color temperature is also related to the light wavelength, measured in a nanometer, and ranging from 400 to 700 nm.

    If you want to use a grow light for all-year pepper cultivation, go for the grow light, including 640 to 700 nm of red, white and 450 to 500 nm of blue LEDs. In this way, the user does not have to change the grow lights during various growth stages of the pepper plant.

    2. PPFD and PPF

    The grow lights include ratings like PPFD and PPF, which are Photosynthetic Photon Flux density and Photosynthetic Photon Flux, respectively.

    PPF is responsible for measuring photosynthetic active light that emits in every direction. This measurement only considers the lights in the wavelengths between 400 to 700 nm.

    PPFD measures the total amount of photosynthetic active light that will reach the surface.

    3. Coverage Area

    For knowing the accurate size of the grow light for harvesting pepper plants indoors, you have to know the total coverage area.

    Since you cannot place the seedlings not too far from the lights, measure the entire space before buying any artificial lighting.

    4. Set up of the lights

    The grow light is also dependent on the growing space and how many pepper plants the user is planning to harvest.

    There are many grow lights that come with hanging kits for the installation, while others with an attached stand. There are also other bulbs that you can fix into the bulb fixture.

    Thus, pick up the best grow light with the most suitable setup settings according to your space.

    5. Electromagnetic Spectrum

    The light, the electromagnetic spectrum, consists of blue, green, red, purple, yellow, and white. For growing and harvesting peppers, you will need a high spectrum light in the blue range.

    If you find it difficult to change the spectrum in every stage of plant growth, you can use a full spectrum while growing light which is perfect for all cultivation stages.

    Final Words:

    Indoor growing of pepper becomes exceptionally easy with growing lights. It allows the user to cultivate pepper plants during any time of the year and in weather conditions.

    Start the seedlings, nurture the plant, or pamper the plants with grow lights, particularly architecture for mimicking the natural light. These lights are economical and easy to use, and you will love harvesting your little pepper seedlings that flourish under their glow!