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How Well Would a Plant Grow under Yellow Light? Do Plants Absorb Yellow Light?

    Ideally, the sunlight consists of the seven visible Light spectrum colors. As seen in a rainbow, these colors are violet, indigo, blue, green, yellow, orange, and red.  Notably, these colors have varying wavelengths and frequencies.

    For example, violet has the shortest wavelength and the highest frequency, whereas red has the longest wavelength and lowest frequency.

    Green plants absorb light molecules(photons) to make their own foods in a process known as photosynthesis.  Interestingly, plants do not absorb every light in the visible spectrum; indeed, they reflect unwanted colors.

    With the seven lights hitting plant leaves, knowing the photosynthetic colors and those not is crucial. This article singles out yellow light and discusses how well it will impact plant growth.

    Do plants absorb yellow light?

    Indeed, plants absorb yellow light. Photosynthetic plants use mainly chlorophyll (the green pigment) to absorb sunlight. The other equally essential pigments found in plants are carotenes and xanthophylls.

    Energy from the sunlight is used to break down carbon dioxide and water to form carbohydrates. Yellow light perse plays an insignificant role in photosynthesis but what we see as yellow light is usually a combination of other colors.

    In essence, plants prefer blue light with an approximate wavelength of 450nm and red light whose wavelength is around 650nm. Thus, yellow Light ( approx.. 580nm) is not optimal for food synthesis.

    For that reason, plants will reflect most green, yellow, and orange light, a reason why they appear green. Nonetheless, plants need all the colors of the visible spectrum though in different quantities.

    What would happen if a plant was placed under yellow light?

    As stated earlier, yellow light isn’t much impactful in plants growth and flourishment. This is because it does not support the development of chlorophyll and photosynthesis.  

    So, much of it is reflected together with green light. Fundamentally, chlorophyll consists of chlorophyll-a responsible for trapping blue and red wavelengths and chlorophyll b, which bounces back green and yellow light.

    Therefore, if a plant is placed under yellow light, it will slow its growth and development.

    How well would a plant grow in yellow light?

    For one, it is important to note that what we see as yellow light is a combination of many colors. Now, Plants require food to grow and develop. For photosynthetic plants, their foods come from photosynthesis.

    Essentially, yellow light hardly causes chlorophyll to form and is less used in photosynthesis. For these reasons, a plant will not grow optimally in yellow light.

    In fact, seedlings and other developing plants hardly carry out photosynthesis thus fail to grow and flourish in such a light.

    Is white or yellow Light better for plants?

    As mentioned above, plants use all the wavelengths of the visible spectrum but in their proper proportions. Now, white light is essentially colorless light. An example of white light is the sunlight that we see.

    This means that white light contains all the other visible spectrum colors, whereas yellow light is an individual color in the spectrum. Consequently, plants should do better in white light than in yellow light.

    Top 3 Yellow lights for Plants

    1. Full Spectrum Grow Light Plant Lights for Indoor Plants with Auto ON & Off

    Think of it this way, this yellow light helps you grow some beautiful flowers, fruits or vegetables in your room or balcony.

    Imagine it does not have to be costly or time-consuming.

    In addition, plants will refreshen the in your house.

    Indoor plants tend to be weak due to a lack of sunlight. But LED plant Grow yellow light provides your indoor plants with full-spectrum light.

    If the plants are sprouting, they will be vibrant and lively; if growing, the leaves will be green and photosynthetic, and the flowers will blossom if flowering.

    Key Features

    • Three 60 LED bulbs: These three electric yellow light bulbs are made using the modern LED technology that saves electricity while maintaining the needed brightness. Depending on your needs, you can either turn on the three lights, two or one. The bulbs are of high quality thus can last long enough to offer value for your money.
    • Full-spectrum yellow light: plants need different light colors at various stages of development. This plant light is a full spectrum to cater for germination, growth, flowering, and fruiting. Additionally, the light can be dimmed or brighten up according to the plant’s needs.
    • Adjustable Gooseneck: You can adjust the height and angle you want the light to reach your plants. In comparison with other plant growth lights, our metal gooseneck is sufficiently able to hold the light up nicely. In addition, since it utilizes sufficient metallic materials, our clasp is steady because of the anti-slip mat configuration.
    • Circular-Memory Timer: The Light automatically turns on and off according to your preferences. Consequently, you can choose either 3, 9, and 12-hour timings. In addition, it will assist you with turning it on when you are occupied or outside. Set up the timings, and it will turn on and off spontaneously each day!


    This plant grow yellow light is easy to operate. You have to place it near your indoor plants, clip it on something, e.g., table, set your timings, connect to a source of power, switch it on, and you are good to go.


    • It saves electricity as it uses LED technology
    • It saves you time as it is automatic
    • It provides all the colors of the visible spectrum hence can be used for germinating, growing, flowering, or fruiting plants.
    • Its price is pocket friendly
    • Easy to use

    2. Roleadro 75W Grow Light for Indoor Plants Full Spectrum 

    With technology, you don’t have to depend on the rainfall neither do you have to rely on natural sunlight to grow plants.

    You can grow healthy plants indoors or even during winter using the LED Grow yellow lights.

    The lights are full spectrum to cater for germination, growth, flowering and maturation.

    Roleadro Grow yellow light causes plants to develop faster and healthier. Since it is full-spectrum light, it enables you to grow vegetables, flowers, and fruits indoors.

    In addition, the lights are coated with an aluminum cooling plate that prevents overheating, responsible for plant stress.

    Key Features:

    • Full Spectrum: Roleadro 75W LED plant growth yellow light produces a genuine range of the light with all frequencies and wavelengths. Thus, it gives the light required by the plant at all phases of life.
    • Aluminum cooling plate:  LED Grow yellow Lights are unmatchable with other indoor plant growth lights with noisy fans. We incorporated an aluminum cooling plate made of high-quality aluminum metal, in addition to a bit of heatsink for every chip to accomplish superb warmth dispersal.
    • 60° reflector cup: This 75w LED plant light bulb has a 60° reflector to make the light source more focused. LED plant lights give adequate light to plants to quickly boost plant photosynthesis and development.


    To use Roleadro 75W grow light:

    • hang it at an appropriate height depending on the development stage of your plants
    • connect it to the external power supply
    • place your plants directly below the lights


    • The light provides full-spectrum light enabling plants to grow faster, robust and healthier
    • The lights save electricity as they are made using modern LED technology
    • You can adjust the height depending on the stage of your crops

    3. Full Spectrum 300W LED Grow Lights for Indoor Plants

    As the lights are full-spectrum, they make the plants thrive irrespective of the stage in life.

    Also, you can control foliage development, flowering, and fruiting by regulating the light.

    With these lights, it is no longer a dream to grow tall plants indoors anymore.

    The adjustable stand plus a long and stable tripod ensures light provision for tall plants. Furthermore, the lights save energy and will not make your electric bill unmanageable.

    Key Features

    • Adjustable Tripod and 360 Degree Gooseneck: Adjustable goosenecks, which can be turned 360⁰, make it simpler for you to change the point between the plant light and the indoor plant.
    • Full Spectrum Yellow Light: LED Grow lights emit the entire range of visible spectrum to give all the lights to your plants. The plant grow light lamb utilizes high quality, 42 LED superior shiny LEDs with 300 watts production to supply the plants powerful and constant light intensity. LED grow light has a wide lighting surface area, ideal for the different phases of plant growth and development.
    • Easy to Install: Position the plant to grow light lamb on the tripod stand and fix the screws until they are appropriately fitted.


    To use this yellow grow light lamp, you will have to fix the stands to the tripod, then the neck to the topmost stand, connect to electricity, direct the light to your plants, and you are good to go.


    • Adjustable stand to allow plant growth
    • Flexible Gooseneck
    • Highly efficient and saves energy
    • Easy to install and operate

    Final Words:

    Although plants require small amounts of yellow light, it singly has minimal effect on plant growth and development. That said, what we see as yellow light is usually a range of other lights.

    This is because our eyes tend to perceive bright colors more than dull colors. As plants need each visible spectrum color, it is beneficial to provide a full spectrum light to achieve