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How to Design a Balcony Garden | Important Factors to Consider

    Balcony Gardens have now-a-days become  popular because of the fact that most urban area settled people prefer flats for their living. Other reasons why balcony garden is preferred include the fulfillment of the requisites of plants and flowers in a balcony. Adequate sunlight and a proper water drainage system can be easily maintained in a balcony.

    Enhancement of beauty of a place is also a prominent reason for preferring balcony gardens. Balcony is a place where people love spending little time in their swamped lives.

    Key factors to be considered while designing a balcony Garden

    1.Physical space:

    Space is the major factor to be considered for a balcony garden. It absolutely depends upon the space and surface area of the balcony. The balcony garden can be of the following sizes:

    Small size balcony

    In the case of a small size balcony, the design should be selectively chosen. A vertical palette design is ideal for this size. For this sized balcony, narrow and high pots and containers should be chosen.

    As a consequence more flowers and plants can be planted in a lesser space. The most important concern for a small balcony garden is regarding the furniture to be used as it covers a large area.

    Therefore, for a small-sized balcony garden fold-able and lightweight furniture should be used. 

    Plants for a small sized balcony:

    • Tomatoes
    • Cucumbers
    • Peppers
    • Peas
    • Beets
    • Herbs
    • Lettuce
    • Radish

    Medium size balcony

    A medium sized balcony can be perfect for gardening if the plantations and decorations have been made wisely. The choice of the plants must include those plants which neither acquire a lot of space nor are too small to be visible.

    Plants for a medium sized balcony:

    • Egg plant
    • Peppers
    • Pole beans
    • Herbs
    • Leaf lettuce

    Apart from the above vegetable plants, various flowering plants including rose, marigold, petunias, pansies, daffodils, hibiscus, and many bonsai trees can be grown.

    Large size balcony

    The most important benefit that a large sized balcony can serve is its multipurpose usage. Apart from being used as a garden, the extra space can be occupied for other purposes.

    The containers and pots for the plants can be chosen of any size and kind. Even the horizontal design of planting can be used which gives an exotic appearance to the balcony.

    Plants for a large sized balcony:

    • Bamboo Plant
    • Creepers
    • Climbers
    • Hibiscus
    • Sunflowers

    2. Regional Weather

    Weather of the place has a significant role in setting up a balcony garden. The existence of certain plants depends upon the weather.

    For example, in the tropical and temperate regions, plants like colocasia, hibiscus, bird of paradise, ferns, palms are preferred. On the contrary, if the weather of the place is artic, plants like low shrubs, liverworts, and grasses can be chosen.

    3. Ventilation

    Proper ventilation is a necessity for plants. There are certain plants that require air circulation to live.

    Shady balcony

    It requires plants that can survive in less sunlight and moist environment. Some shade loving plants are:

    • Primrose
    • Ferns
    • String of Pearls
    • Staghorn Fern
    • Kokedoma

    Sunny balcony

    Plants that require optimum sunlight around 4-5 hours a day to live and grow. It is quite difficult to grow ornamental plants in a sunny balcony. Some sunny plants include:

    • Bodhi Tree
    • Jade Plant
    • Snake Plant
    • Burro’s Tail
    • Bird’s Nest Fern

    4. Purpose

    To grow vegetables

    In the world of pesticides and fertilizers mixed inorganic foods, one has complete control over such chemicals through the cultivation of plants in the home garden.

    Fruits and vegetables can be made use of when they are absolutely ripened. It is rightly said that ‘we are what we eat’. Home gardening contributes to health by alleviating various side effects.

    To grow flowers

    There are no less flowering plants that not only possess various benefits but also contribute towards the enhancement of beauty. The best flowering plants to be grown at home are:

    • Marigold
    • Begonia
    • Chrysanthemum
    • Pansy
    • Gazania
    • Impatiens
    • Roses

    To grow medicinal plants

    Inclusion of such plants in the home garden can be beneficial to oneself. Such plants are as follows:

    • Hibiscus
    • Rose
    • Lotus
    • Daffodils
    • Bougainvillea
    • Aloe Vera

    To enhance the beauty

    Flowering plants, many succulents and different kinds of bonsai miniature trees are preferred for their exotic appearance and give the garden an incredibly beautiful look. Some of those plants are:

    • Tulips
    • Lily
    • Sunflower
    • Marigold
    • Various species of cactus

    To live in a healthy environment

    The most essential contribution a plant can make is Purification of air by releasing oxygen. Such plants are as follows:

    • Snake Plant
    • Aloe Vera
    • Spider Plant
    • Chrysanthemum
    • Devil’s Ivy
    • Rubber Plant

    5. Design Choice

    Depending upon the size of the balcony, design of the garden and things used should be chosen. Following are the different kind of designs:

    Vertical design

    Vertical design

    In this case, vertical pallet frames can be used. This is perfect for a small balcony as more plantations can be made in less space. This is ideal for vegetables and herbs. 

    Horizontal design

    Horizontal design

    Here, the pots and baskets can be evenly kept alongside the railings and floor. Being ideal for a large or a medium sized balcony, this design can even include plants like bamboo, palms, hibiscus and sunflower.

    Pots and Containers

    Pots and Containers

    They are the essence of the plants. With an adequate size hole for the water passage and space for the plant to grow and breathe, the containers must be chosen wisely.

    Living Frames

    Living Frames

     Living frames of small sizes can be installed in the garden. These reflect the creativity and art of oneself.

    Fence Stand

    Fence Stand

    Fence Stand can be used for planting bright and vibrant flowering plants which gives the garden a sheen appearance. They can either be hung or mounted on the racks of the fence Stand. 

    Pallet Box

    Pallet Box

    One of the perfect containers for plants. These boxes can be either wooden or made up of clay.

    Artificial grasses

    Artificial grasses

     Artificial grasses can be fixed on the floors to give the garden more of a natural look.

    Hanging baskets

    Hanging baskets

    Hanging Plants are a great source of beauty of a garden. Not only outdoors, these can also be suspended from the ceiling indoors. Mostly air Purifying Plants are preferred for this.

    Picket Fence

    Picket Fence

    Picket Fence is one of the most beautiful parts of a garden. However these may occupy space and are therefore more ideal for a large balcony.

    Wooden Ladder

    Wooden Ladder

    This is one of the perfect stands for a small garden as many plants can be placed on this ladder vertically.

    Herb Box

    Herb Box

    Herbs are the most important plant to be cultivated in the home garden as they are the source of fresh and organic food. They can contribute to the quality of food as well as in the beauty of the garden.

    6. Maintenance of balcony garden

    FoundationSupport pillars for the plants and plant containers and ladders must be fixed.

    Adequate sunlight: Plants like succulents and some bonsai’s require optimum sunlight to survive. For these plants the atmosphere of the balcony garden must be suffixed with adequate sunlight.

    Lighting: Proper artificial lights including lamps, fairy lights, multi color bulbs can be used in the garden.

    Ornamental shrubs: Ornamental shrubs include staghorn Fern, Japanese Maple, Silver Philodendron, Kokedama, Dieffenbachia etc.,,

    Artificial stones/pebbles: Artificial pebbles are nowadays used to bring out a natural look in the house. Such small changes in the decor can make a huge difference to the site. Artificial pebbles are nowadays used to bring out a natural look in the house. Such small changes in the decor can make a huge difference to the site.

    Wind Chimes: They are usually hung from the ceiling and produce a pleasant sound on the passage of winds.

    7. Time Available

    In our day to day lives, we may not be able to give a lot of attention and care to the garden. For swamped people like these, low maintenance plants are ideal. Plants that grow in nominal care and do not require frequent watering or fertilizing. Such plants include:

    • Jade Plant
    • Marigold
    • Snake Plant
    • Orchids
    • Indoor Ivy
    • Peace Lily

    8. Water Availability

    Plants which do no require frequent watering are as follows:

    • ZZ Plant
    • Desert Rose
    • Poppy
    • Rock Daisy
    • Cactus


    Gardening, if characterized, has got innumerable positive impacts on human life. In the busy world, it is really significant to spend a few hours or minutes of the day in a pure environment. Balcony is one of the perfect places for setting up a garden.Gardening has the ability to build optimism in one’s life.In a very nominal investment it will yield enormous benefits to mankind.